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April 2018

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The 2018 Edtion of the Kettle Valley Express

Now on the racks at Visitor Centres near you


Vicom Design Inc., which replaced my propriatorship, Beyond Graphix, was incorporated in March of 2012 in order to publish The Kettle Valley Express. Everything you see on this site, is produced by myself (read bio) and since Vicom Design Inc., with the aid of a sales person.

I get behind in putting up current samples of the other design work done at Vicom Design Inc. as I am quite busy with production. Check out the website, new program and flyer for our 35th GFI Tournament. and our new Walkabout Trail Guide for Grand Forks

I am busy with much more and will update when I get the chance
Brian McAndrew, President: Vicom Design Inc.

Vicom Design Inc. Takes Top International Marketing Effectiveness Award - 2016 Summit MEA
October 12, 2016, Grand Forks BC, Vicom Design Inc. is a Silver winner in the 2016 Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award competition for their work with The Kettle Valley Express. Read More
Beyond Graphix (Vicom Design Inc.) is a Silver Winner in the 2004 Summit Creative Awards® competition for its outstanding creative work for Cannabis Health (read more)
There were a lot of things in Grand Forks to write about in 1999 / 2000 as can be read in the OpenMinder Archives. (read more)

Shortly after I moved to Grand Forks, I met Brian Taylor who was heading up the Hemp movement because I felt that the whole movement needed a new image that would bring it out of the alternative look & into the mainstream. In 2002 I worked with him and others (read more)

Although I have always been drawing, painting or doing something creative, I sort of mark 1976 as the begining. From then till the end of 1984, was when most of my original paintings and drawings were done. (read more) The first shop I worked in was as a cut and paste artist for the Sunshine Coast News, which is where my publishing career started and since then have published 28 magazines, 2 newspapers and more (read more)

  While working for the Sunshine Coast News, I also worked part time for Randy Chodak, Art Director of the Beach Combers TV series during the last 3 years it was running. I did special effects painting (read more)


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